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The Graduates
Season Three: Episode 25 (Season Finale)

I know I haven't bothered but I figured I'll put use to this community.

R.I.P You-Know-Who

This is what brings Summer & Seth home, or keep them home. I'm pretty sure they won't leave. This is what is going to push Ryan far away and to be honest with you, after seeing them kill off a main character, I wouldn't be surprised if we see less and less of Ryan now. He's kind of boring without Marissa. Sorry, the baby storyline? Who wants to see him have to take care of a baby? Not me.

Kaitlin is back and we are going to see new young actors whether we like it or not. Sorry, I feel like were starting all over again. I was looking forward to see the whole college environment, I don't want to have to go all the way back there.

I think Julie may become pregnant. She's only in her thirties so it's not impossible.

I think it's split down the middle for people believe if she's dead or not. Mischa told Access Hollywood which seems a little weird to me.. too weird. Why would she do that? I Hope they sue her. Ryan and her didn't say I love you and that seems like theres no closure.

Watch her be paralyzed for life and Dr.Roberts suggests a facility in the Bahamas that takes extra care for completely paralyzed people and makes them feel more comfortable. Then after a few months of Mischa being off the show, they'll rehabilitate her as this big "Marissa Cooper Returns to The OC.. but she's not the same Marissa Cooper.." thing.

I doubt she's alive but I can wish.
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